How to empower Agile methodology with OKRs

Twelve tips for a successful migration to Atlassian Cloud

Read an article by Valiantys to learn about the twelve tips to migrate to the Cloud. They share that you must plan all details, estimate ROI, know your starting point, review functional and non-functional requirements, and use Atlassian Access for SSO.
Finding the right migration pathway, cleaning up before moving to the cloud, using trials, updating governance, communicating internally, and relying on external support are also crucial steps for a seamless migration.
Plus, check out this article for guidance on selecting the appropriate migration strategy for your business. The four main migration strategies Valiantys mentions are Greenfield, Lift and Shift, Clean-Up and Shift, and Transformational. Each strategy has its benefits and drawbacks, and the right one for your business will depend on your desired outcomes and goals.

Ten tips for scaling Agile

These lessons include:
  1. Organize around value to reduce dependencies
  2. Obtain buy-in from enterprise to team level
  3. Pick a framework and stick with it for a while
  4. Build an internal coaching discipline
  5. Don’t underestimate the value of dedicated Product Owners
  6. Integrate early and often to reduce risk and provide visibility
  7. Foster shared commitment
  8. Cultivate Culture
  9. Embrace Change
  10. Invest in tools that enable agility and alignment

Getting the most out of your ITSM with Opsgenie and Jira Service Management

During the session, you get an overview of the key features of Opsgenie. Furthermore, the webinar covers the integration of Opsgenie with Jira Service Management, allowing teams to get more flexibility to fit any workflow and never miss a critical alert. 

Modernizing ways of working in the Cloud

The webinar also discusses the transformational values of Atlassian Cloud solutions compared to Server and Data Center. They will provide usable, tactical information to help attendees build the best possible cloud strategy leveraging Atlassian solutions, which are integral to their overall corporate strategy. Overall, this “fireside chat” is a must-watch for organizations that are still using on-prem products and looking to modernize their ways of working in Cloud.

Is Agile dead?

The webinar delves deeper into organizing around value and the role of leadership in successful Agile adoption. You will also learn about the benefits of successful Agile adoption and the leading tools and practices that empower the Connected Enterprise. The webinar will also discuss seven takeaways that attendees can implement immediately to enhance their agility.

Seven important reasons to start consolidating your instances and how it’s done

Four common mistakes to avoid for your digital transformation

It emphasizes the importance of having a clear map and making the right decisions in key areas such as trust in teams, patience, leadership impact, and tool importance. It identifies four common scenarios where organizations can take the wrong turn and impede their transformation progress. 

Cloud migrations – In our clients’ words (from Valiantys)

It provides best practices for preparing for a migration and maximizing its positive impact on teams and finances. It also discusses unexpected benefits that customers have experienced during their migration projects. 
The white paper is a useful resource for those considering a cloud migration.

Migrating from ITSM legacy tools: Best practices

The white paper includes case studies of real migration projects, demonstrating that migration is a safe decision when well-prepared. 
It is authored by Erin Collins, the Global Head of ITSM Practice at Valiantys, and it emphasizes that waiting to change can delay the positive outcomes a new system can bring to a company. 

Your quickstart guide to Confluence

Five ITIL processes where Jira Service Management makes a difference

It offers ITIL V4 recommendations and best practices for each topic. By using Atlassian’s ITSM global solution, customers can implement these recommendations and best practices to improve their IT service management processes.