How to add initiatives in Jira Cloud

Confluence for Jira User

Note that the first video is free.

Jira Scrum crash course

These solutions include setting up Scrum projects using a proven method, organizing sprints effectively, avoiding time-wasting activities, simplifying workflows in under 15 minutes, and using custom filters and JQL language to create and share dashboards. Mike’s insights are based on real-life Scrum project setups and include a collection of copy/paste filter reports. Note that the first lesson is free.

Jira Workflow tutorial: Post functions in Jira Cloud

Jira workflows from hell and how to avoid it

The video covers simplifying statuses and transitions, reducing the number of custom fields, and real-life examples of successful workflow optimization. After you watch this video, you’ll be able to create more efficient, streamlined workflows that make work more accessible and enjoyable.

How to create a new ticket using Jira API

How to use Components in Jira like a boss

Screens in Jira (Issue type screen scheme)

Jira Cloud bulk changes

Jira Automation