Jira Epics 101: Learning the basics

Epics serve as a way to group related tasks and deliverables into a larger goal, allowing teams to independently work on these tasks while still keeping track of their progress towards the overarching objective.
By leveraging the capabilities of Epics in Jira, teams can improve their planning and organization, predict timelines, and stay flexible in the face of changes. Whether you’re using Agile methodologies or not, Epics can be a powerful tool for streamlining and optimizing your workflow.

How to create a Jira dashboard in under 10 minutes

These tips are applicable to all Jira products and deployment types, so whether you’re using Jira Cloud, Server, or Data Center, you’ll be able to create an effective dashboard for your team in no time. Boost your team’s efficiency and get a clear overview of your project’s progress with this Jira Dashboard setup guide.

How to set up Jira workflows in under 10 minutes

Ideal for project managers, SCRUM managers, team leads using Jira, and Jira administrators looking to support their teams more effectively. Whether you’re still learning about Jira’s features or looking to enhance your team’s efficiency, this video is the perfect resource for you.