How to modernize your service desk using Appfire’s end-to-end ITSM solution

By using this solution, you can increase functional capabilities, automate processes, and overcome bottlenecks. The demo explains how Appfire’s out-of-the-box ITSM solution provides everything your team needs to enhance, track, support, and measure IT service delivery.

What is IT asset management (ITAM)?

Jira change management best practices

Everything to know about Jira bulk edits

The article then lists several options for bulk edits in Jira, including using the built-in bulk change function, importing information from a .CSV file, adding a post function to a workflow transition, using apps from the Atlassian Marketplace, or using automation, scripting, the REST API, or a connector to sync information from other software. 
These options provide administrators with the ability to streamline their team’s Jira processes and efficiently manage their workload.
Also, take a look at this video. Michael from Project Track describes bulk changes as an underdog feature that is a little hidden in the issue navigator. They provide an example from their own experience where they accidentally – and incorrectly – updated 600 tickets using automation but were able to quickly fix their mistake using bulk changes.

The Agile team’s comprehensive guide to acing estimations

The guide offers insight into Agile estimation methods, including Planning Poker, asynchronous estimation, relative estimation, and bucket sizing. The guide explains why a gamified approach like Planning Poker can be effective for estimating story point values, and also covers the benefits of each estimation method. Additionally, the guide includes valuable cheat sheets and use cases demonstrating how these methods can be implemented by teams.

The ultimate guide to powering up your service desk

Agile estimation, from planning poker to bucket sizing

Monday Coffee with Jexo video/podcast

Six automation strategies for Jira that’ll make you happy

Project and portfolio resource management in BigPicture

This white paper guides readers in developing and streamlining their organization’s processes for successfully implementing portfolio-level resource management.

Implementing SAFe® with BigPicture [3-part series]

  1. Part One introduces planning, the pre-configuration mode, which helps gather all required information step-by-step, ensuring a smooth transition.
  2. Part Two discusses execution, how BigPicture can assist in managing their SAFe® Program Increment to ensure smooth execution and successful outcomes.
  3. Part Three is a step-by-step guide on configuring Jira and BigPicture software. 

The ultimate guide to product prioritization

This ebook covers three key topics:
  1. Fifteen of the most commonly used prioritization frameworks by product managers to prioritize features with their teams.
  2. Strategies for product managers to simplify lengthy backlog refinement meetings.
  3. Methods for product managers to convert their entire product backlog into a clear product roadmap that can be used for planning, monitoring, and communication purposes.

Project management blueprints

Getting started with JMWE for Jira Cloud

JMWE allows creation of custom post-functions, conditions, and validators, generating and manipulating issues, performing calculations, and much more. JMWE also provides a user-friendly interface that allows admins without scripting knowledge to configure their workflows without needing advanced programming skills. Optional sophisticated yet simplified scripting capabilities can help more advanced users create and manage complex workflows that meet their specific needs and requirements.
Most of the videos in this guide, with an introduction by Rachel Wright, a certified Jira Administrator and author of the widely read Jira Strategy Admin Workbook, are succinct and last only a few minutes. You can complete the entire guide in just one lunch hour.

Risk management workshops for agile teams