A scrum masters guide to advance JQL

Jira Advanced Roadmaps tutorial For beginners

Master Jira: Everything you need is here

Apetech Tech Tutorial’s expert instructor guides you through each topic step-by-step, providing hands-on training and real-world examples to help you fully grasp the material. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, this course is designed to meet your needs and take your Jira skills to the next level.
These are 20+ video tutorials from Apetech Tech Tutorials on various topics related to all things Jira. Some topics covered include Jira permissions, backlog refinement, project settings, JQL basics, sprint planning, Jira workflows, Jira automation rules, advanced roadmaps, practical Jira administration, and service management and agile reports. There are also videos about how to become a Jira expert, how to land a job as a Scrum Master/Jira Administrator, and how to earn money from Jira

Jira administration

These 70+ videos from Apetech Tech Tutorials talk about all things Jira administration and usage. They cover various topics such as creating custom subtask types, configuring permission schemes, controlling project access, making fields required, changing issue resolution, managing users, creating custom fields, and configuring workflows. Some videos also discuss Jira features such as sprint planning, burndown charts, velocity charts, cumulative reports, and basic roadmaps.

Jira tips and tricks

Apetech Tech Tutorials offers this collection of videos on using Jira for Scrum Masters, Developers, Product Owners, and more. The videos cover various topics from basic to advanced, such as Jira workflows, project settings, JQL basics, and Jira automation rules. Additionally, you get tips and tricks for managing notifications, finding overdue items, and avoiding common mistakes when using Jira. Plus so much more.

Agile with Jira

These videos include guides on using story points, tasks, sub-tasks, addressing defects/bugs, refining a backlog, using priorities and Sprint burndown. Also covered transitioning from waterfall to scrum, using scrumfall in Jira, Jira insights, and Jira for scaled agile framework, and so much more.

A Scrum Master’s guide to Jira

Five things you must know before you start using Jira

  1. Avoid Over-Customizing Jira
  2. Focus on Acquiring Just Enough Knowledge for Your Job
  3. Utilize a Sandbox (If on Jira Premium) for Learning and Testing
  4. Take Advantage of the Single Assignee Feature
  5. Stick to the Principle of KISS (Keep it Simple and Straightforward)