Jira Strategy Admin Workbook

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Jira Strategy Admin Workbook


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The Jira Strategy Admin Workbook will help you optimize your Jira setup, saving you time and money. This book offers practical advice based on the authors' experiences cleaning up problematic Jira configurations. It guides what to do, what to avoid, and the reasoning behind it.
This book is for Jira administrators willing to think critically before making changes in the Jira Administration area. With its worksheets, templates, code snippets, and word samples, the book supports you in making well-informed decisions. As a new administrator just starting to use Jira at your company, this book will guide you on the initial steps to ensure a well-organized and easily maintainable tool. For those already using Jira for a while, the book will provide simple methods to improve your instance's efficiency and make your daily work smoother. 

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